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We are proud to carry a diverse selection of bottles from all the major wine-producing regions of the world. You'll find tried and true favorites and lesser-known adventures on our racks. If there's something specific you're looking for, chances are pretty good we can get it for you.
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Come discover the beauty of wines in a fine Rose'. Macerating red grape skins or leaving  a few intact, gives us the heavenly pink deliciousness we all crave. Find mouthwatering Rose' from all corners of the world at your Village Wine Shop.

What we're drinking:

Giuseppe Cipriani Bellini
Be sure to get in the know, with one of our most popular sellers; The Bellini!

In 1931, in a well known town called Venice, Italy, there was and still is after 91 years, a bar called Harry's. On a quaint corner not far from the sea, is the iconic Harry's Bar that comforted, enticed, and engaged such people as artists, painters, writers, aristocrats, kings and queens. Such names as Gary Cooper, Kathryn Hepburn, Orson Welles, Franklin Lloyd Wright, Truman Capote and Ernest Hemingway, to name a few. The keys to success of the tiny bar were service, freedom, and lack of imposition. 
In the late fall in Venice, heavy white, juicy peaches hang from orchard trees like ornaments.
In 1948, memories of war and the emancipation were still fresh in the hearts of people across Europe. It was at this time when Giuseppe Cipriani, in the newly opened Harry’s Bar, decided to celebrate peace and freedom with a cocktail that embodied the energetic joy of the moment: the Bellini. Lovingly created with peach puree and prosecco, what's in the bottle, is the very same libation still concocted at Harry's today.
The Bellini’s name was inspired by the famous Italian Renaissance painter Giovanni Bellini, also known as 'Giambellino.' After seeing his lifework collection on display at the Ducal Palace in Venice in 1948, Giuseppe Cipriani used the artist’s namesake to honor the ideals of beauty and freedom.
Thus, the Bellini became a part of history as a classic, an eternal symbol of freedom, art, and refined revelry.
Stop in for a bottle or six! Cases can be ordered for your wedding, bridesmaids tastings and gifts, gathering or to paint the porch! Salut!

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Can you say Gewürztraminer five times fast? That's okay; we can't either. But, if you love the diversity you can find in white varietals, you'll be happy perusing our racks. Wanna talk Chardonnay? Oak versus stainless steel aging? Bring it!

What We're Drinking:

Rombauer Chardonnay

To go straight to top, we choose Rombauer Chardonnay, any day all day! So do thousands around the globe, enticing others to discover what all the fuss is about. Let us help you! It's most often referred to as "buttery," but this should help understand the divine taste of this incredible chardonnay. 

The term Buttery is frequently used to describe our Chardonnay, but like all tastes, flavors, and perceptions, it varies by individual. It is certainly creamy, rounded, and rich but few perceive it to be as dense as the description buttery implies.

Rombauer Chardonnay undergoes a process called “malolactic fermentation” which is not technically a fermentation but instead a conversion of acid from one type to another. It converts malic acid, a tart acid found in Granny Smith apples, to lactic acid, a softer acid found in milk and yogurt. The creaminess from the lactic acid is what you are feeling when you drink our Chardonnays. Whatever they do, they do it damn well! 

Stop by to grab many Rombauer wines or call to reserve a mied case!

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No need to save the Champagne and sparkling wines for your next celebration. Tuesdays are better with bubbles! We keep a selection of bottles that won't break the bank and make any day feel special. 

What we're drinking:

We've stocked up on all finest bubbles
we could get our hands on! We have something for every budget. From the tasty Tott's to Louis Roderer Cristal Brut!
Stop in to design your own romantic gift basket, impress your guest, that special date, or ask Annie to work
her bubble magic.