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We are proud to carry a diverse selection of bottles from all the major wine-producing regions of the world. You'll find tried and true favorites and lesser-known adventures on our racks. If there's something specific you're looking for, chances are pretty good we can get it for you.
Just ask!
Pinot Noir

The history of Orin Swift Cellars dates back to 1995 when on a lark, Dave Phinney took a friend up on an offer and went to Florence, Italy to spend a semester “studying.” During that time, he was introduced to wine, how it was made, and got hooked.
A few more years of university led to graduation and eventually a job at Robert Mondavi Winery in 1997 as a temporary harvest worker. Deciding that if he was going to work this hard, it would eventually have to be for himself. In 1998, Dave founded Orin Swift Cellars: Orin is his father’s middle name and Swift is his mother’s maiden name.
Today, the Orin Swift portfolio spans the state of California with a focus on the Winery’s home in Napa Valley. Each label tells a story created by Dave Phinney brought to life with distinctive artwork and packaging. The wine inside reflects Dave’s affinity for showcasing geographic diversity and his exploration of vineyards around the world and at home in California. We proudly carry many of the Orin Swift Line. Come taste the beasts!!
What we're drinking......

Belle Glos, Clarke and Telephone Pinot Noir derived from Santa Barbara County, Ca; is a beautiful example of how Pinot Noir should taste, smell and look. 

Pinot Noir has the well deserved reputation of being a finicky and difficult grape to cultivate. It thrives in cooler climates like Burgundy and the Willamette Valley in Oregon, but is also widely planted throughout sun-drenched California.

Pinot Noir reflects its terroir, or place of origin, more than just about any other variety. That's certainly part of its broad appeal, and right now, there is revolution happening in California.

In Pursuit of Balance or IPOB is a thriving group of producers founded on the notion that California Pinot Noir should be balanced, rather than decadent and lush—the prevailing style over the past few decades. Has the focus shifted? There are compelling arguments on both sides of the issue.

It pays to do a little research, then, to figure out which producers are making fully ripe, high octane Pinots and those that are making a style that accents subtlety and vibrant acidity. Not that both styles can't be great, they can be.

Richer Pinot Noir, from warmer regions like the Russian River Valley tends to exhibit more dark fruit, in general, they are fuller wines with greater concentration and higher alcohol, up to 15% ABV.

Pinots from cooler regions like Sonoma Coast are lighter-bodied and display more red fruit, floral notes and have brighter acidity, often with a dash of minerality. Alcohol percentage and even the color of the wine can clue you in when shopping.

Perfect for fall weather when a cabernet or Zinfandel are just too heavy. Pairs perfectly with Venison, Ham, Lamb, Grilled Chicken and Autumn soups! Also makes a perfect gift with it's red wax dipped shoulders and classy label. 
Stop by today to get one, a six-pack or a case!

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Autumnal Whites

Nothing says Autumn better than a cisp white from Spain, Portugal, South Africa, France or The Good Ol' USA! We have so many beautiful choices to accompany any occasion, any front porch sittin' session or a welcome gift at a dinner party. 
Winemaker Graham Weerts on the Western Cape of South Arica, really hit this one out of the park! It has become our favorite Chardonnay! 
Capensis has limited bottling for this dynamic wine. 
We feel fortunate to be able to offer it you. We encourage you to join us in partaking in one of life's most enjoyable pastimes, drinking nectar from the Gods!
Although South Africa's most popular white wine grape is Chenin Blanc, the Chardonnays from this country can be stunning. Rich flavors of citrus and tropical fruits are hallmarks of South African Chardonnay.

There is a wide range of styles from unoaked to oaked to blends and more. But the one thing that is the same is that the quality gets better all the time.

Like with just about every major wine-producing region, Chardonnay has found a way to be one of South Africa's country's biggest exports. The Chardonnays from South Africa range from steely wines with a clean, citrusy focus to heavily oaked ones with a rich, buttery consistency.

South African Chardonnays typically produce aromas and flavors rich in tropical fruit and exotic spices. Winemakers here like to experiment and it is even popular in Stellenbosch to blend Chardonnay with Sauvignon Blanc. Generally, the wines are simpler than French Chardonnays, and are lighter and more tropical than Californian Chardonnays.

However, some of the best producers in South Africa can compete with the best Chardonnays in the world. Capensis has won Vivino's World Class White in 2020.
You just don't want to miss this one!
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No need to save the Champagne and sparkling wines for your next celebration. Tuesdays are better with bubbles! We keep a selection of bottles that won't break the bank and make any day feel special. 

What we're drinking:

We're always stocked up on all finest bubbles
we could get our hands on! We have something for every budget. From the tasty Tott's to Dom Perginon or Veuve Rose'.

Stop in to design your own romantic gift basket, impress your guest, that special date, or enjoy simple bubbles for brunch!
There is never a WRONG time to drink Champagne! 
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