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We believe wine is an event. Call a friend and join us for a virtual or in-person wine tasting or educational series. 
Take home one of our at-home tasting kits and create your own event. 
Rent a Sommelier/Professional Bartender for your own gathering!
To learn more or sign up for any of our events, email Annie at
or call us at 304-536-0013.
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November Mixed Bag

Welcome to the world of Orin Swift Winery

Winemaker Dave Phinney in Napa Valley, is a true visionary. Having spent time as an apprentice to a winemaker in Italy, he too was lured into the world of wine and wine-making. And aren't we the lucky ones?! 

The history of Orin Swift Cellars dates back to 1995 when on a lark, David Swift Phinney took a friend up on an offer and went to Florence, Italy to spend a semester “studying”. During that time, he was introduced to wine, how it was made, and got hooked. A few more years of university led to graduation and eventually a job at Robert Mondavi Winery in 1997 as a temporary harvest worker. Deciding that if he was going to work this hard, it would eventually have to be for himself, he founded Orin Swift Cellars in 1998; Orin is his father’s middle name and Swift is his mother’s maiden name. With two tons of zinfandel and not much else, he spent the next decade making wine for others as well as himself and grew the brand to what it is today.


What we have gathered for you this month, is a prized collection of the best of Orin Swift; The Prisoner red blend and Chardonnay, 8 Years In The Desert Zinfandel, Slander Pinot Noir, Abstract Red, and Papillon Red. We have to say that is was fairly easy to get inside Dave's head while drinking these unbelievable and stunning wines. The technique of mastering blending is as we all know, NOT easy. But he did it, about 20 times over! His line is really something we'd like to explore more and if you have one you're interested in, we can most likely get it in. 

The intense flavors, the layers and layers of decadence, the thought-provoking aromas, the dances curated as Beef Wellington cries out for a partner, will all meld together in ANY bottle you choose from Orin Swift. A cozy evening by the fire with his 'Saldo" Zinfandel or red blend. A night of football with the beast "Papillon." 

And the clever and risque labels make for some great conversations for the Thanksgiving table!

We've taken out the guesswork for you and picked our favorites, that we hope (know) will become yours too!! 


Mixed Bag
 Trio Gift Boxes






















We have you covered as far as gift baskets or Trio Boxes. We can pick 3 great wines for you or you can choose your own array. We suggest a bottle for the appetizer, one for the main course, and one for desert or after dinner with cheese. 

If you have a red-loving crowd, we have you covered with beautiful wines from around the world. Need a gift basket for a special occasion? We make hand-made baskets that you can fill with anything we have in the shop; from jams and jellies, to Va peanuts, Pickled Pink jarred accoutrements, Arbaugh Farms or Mama Faye's local goodies, Imported meats and cheeses, Imported EVOO and Vinegars, and so much more!

All beautifully arranged and wrapped in a hand made bow.

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Events and Classes
           Private Tastings

Interested in hosting an intimate wine event for a small group of friends? You can design your own wine tasting that caters to your eclectic tastes or let us come up with an intriguing lineup. 

We love designing blind tastings in which you taste a series of anonymous bottles then try to guess which is which based on criteria such as price point, oaked vs. unoaked or any number of other qualities. This is a great way to get your crew laughing and talking. What the winner gets is totally up to you!


Call Annie to set up any event

@ 304-536-0013

T-Sat  11-5

Riesling Kit
Chardonnay Kit
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