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March Mixed Bag















La Chapelle de Bastion | Picpoul de Pinet | Languedoc, France
From the well springs of The Languedoc region of France comes this fruity little number. Super citrusy and snappy, she is lemon, orange peel and crisp lime on the nose. The palette is complex; rose hips, cantaloupe and tangerine explode with a long lasting and refreshing kick that lingers in the throat. A semi-sweet and clean finish like drinking limestone well water. Pairs perfectly with fish or charcutier.
Rain | Sauvignon Blanc | Marlborough, New Zealand       
The aptly named Rain comes from the South Island at Marlborough, New Zealand where the waters are crisp, cold and ancient. These winemakers take Sauvignon Blanc grapes and do this “thing” turning water into wine. The result is refreshingly light and pineapple-y on the nose, with a hint of tin and gardenia. The palette is a soft bite of melon and green apple straight from the orchard. It finishes with a squeaky-clean passion fruit and mandarin orange. Pairs well with goat cheese or potatoes.
Sonoma Cutrer | Chardonnay | Sonoma Coast, California
From the Sonoma Coast of California, one of our favorite wine regions, this Chardonnay is crisp and delicious. The nose is one of grapefruit, ceviche and limes. The palette is bold, acidic with notes of oaky vanilla and toasted bread. Although, the oak is not over-powering as with some Chardonnays. The finish is a bold and dry drizzle of honey lemon. Pairs perfectly with chicken or pasta, cream sauces or oysters.
Cipriani Bellini | Prosecco | Venezia, Italy
We return, again, to this masterpiece of brunch must-haves due to critical acclaim and the crisp mornings of March. It’s Tiffany Blue bottle hides a delicious pinkness within. A staple at Harry’s Bar in Venice, this white peach and Prosecco delight has been wooing drinkers since 1931! It’s a pop of springtime on the nose with a waft of peaches and cream, a zest of orange peel and beaches. The palette is a creamy, bubbly, and happy with a finish like a tall glass of orange juice. You will find remnants of macerated peaches similar to orange pulp. We always say, “Ya’ better get 2. You will want it!”
Ornellaia Le Volte Toscana | Merlot | Carducci, Italy         
This region of Italy lies directly in the mists of The Mediterranean Sea where the grapes soak up the reflection of the sun off the waters. Made from Merlot grapes, this Tuscan is complex and structured. The bottle will decant nicely to give the nose cedar and vanilla. The more time it lingers, the layers begin to un-cloak a palette of black fruit and oak. Some say they taste gin with the herbaceous, bold tongue. The finish is not over-powered by black fruits but somehow releases raspberry, pomegranate and cherries as if picked off the branches. A truly marvelous and decadent way to spend a chilly evening with a crackling outdoor fire! Pairs very well with lamb, beef, or poultry.
Honig (375 ml) | Cabernet Sauvignon | Napa Valley, California
From Rutherford vines, this tiny bottle is perfect for an after dinner snuggle and movie. An incredible display of what California grapes can be, this solar-powered and sustainable vineyard prides itself on producing exceptional wines. The nose comes out swinging with bold oak and blueberry pie. The palette is incredibly soft, with grippy tannins, firewood smoke and vanilla bean. The long legs capture the eye as the breath is warmed and bathed in semi-sweet, chocolate. We carry the 750 ml as well, but this is a perfect way to sample what you will definitely want to share. Makes a statement as a gift.

Private Tastings 












Interested in hosting an intimate wine event for a small group of friends? You can design your own wine tasting that caters to your eclectic tastes or let us come up with an intriguing lineup. 

We love designing blind tastings in which you taste a series of anonymous bottles then try to guess which is which based on criteria such as price point, oaked vs. unoaked or any number of other qualities. This is a great way to get your crew laughing and talking. What the winner gets is totally up to you!

Barboursville Vineyards Trio






















Situated on the broad, rolling plateau and foothills of the Southwest Mountains in the Virginia Piedmont, running parallel with the Blue Ridge to the west, Barboursville Vineyards' 900 acres occupy ground of sedimentary rock of volcanic origin, and separate stratifications of sandstone and conglomerates, with sloping exposures of even greater variety. From this terroir comes the best wine produced in our region, including the pre-eminent Octagon, a Merlot and Cab Franc blend. 

Select any three Barboursville Vineyard bottles to create a gift box that is both regionally sourced and world-class. 

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